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Butler Club is an online community dedicated to employers and workers in the household staff industry. Founded by professionals in the field, we aim to cut through the fog of misunderstanding and misinformation which often surrounds the household service sector.

Our valued members have professional training and real-world experience in household roles from estate managers to private chefs, housekeepers, chauffeurs to close protection operatives – and, of course, the most accomplished butlers.

Jobs: Estate manager, house manager, butler, freelance butler, chef, close protection, handyman, domestic couple, gardener, valet, personal assistant, nanny, personal driver.

Find the ideal household candidate. Find the ideal job.

Our community is aimed at both skilled household staff and employers who wish to reach their ideal candidates. We offer a variety of services for each.

For Employers

Extremely Flexible

We can connect you with full-time, temporary, freelance, or single-event professionals from across the household service spectrum to cover your staffing needs.

Cost Savings

Most household staff recruitment agencies charge an introduction fee of 20% or more of the position’s gross annual salary, but we supply the best in the industry for almost nothing.

Outstanding Support

If you have questions about the type of staffing roles you need to fill, how to identify the ideal candidate, or how to organize an event, we have expertise and experience to help.


Complete discretion is the essence of professional service, and we respect your privacy in full.
For Household Professionals

Membership Ready

A free community connecting you with knowledgeable, helpful professionals. Exchange advice and support to further your careers, or simply discuss your experiences of this unique career.

Live Notifications For Jobs

Job listings with fast access to attractive new positions, including live notifications for new opportunities that match your profile.

Full transparency & trustworthiness

Our job listings aren’t padded out with fake entries designed simply to boost our viewing figures, and we’ll always follow up if you’re put forward for a position.

Get Help

Join our happy community, get help and start learning new things. Also we’re constantly improving and adding new features.

Latest Members

About Butler Club

It is our mission to be the most trusted and influential leader in the industry.

Butler Club is designed to help those seeking a new and rewarding job as an estate manager, house manager, butler, freelance butler, chef, close protection, handyman, domestic couple, gardener, valet, personal assistant, nanny, personal driver as well as those seeking to employ them, whether in private home, hotel, corporate setting or elsewhere.

We will provide employers unparalleled “no-excuses” services anywhere in the world where they may operate. Read more.

Our core values:

  • “Can-do” attitude
  • Loyalty
  • Trustworthiness
  • We really care about the welfare of the employer, his family and guests
  • Do Whatever it Takes

Butler Club // World’s first household staff community.


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